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Decoding the Best in AI Video Editing: Pictory vs InVideo

Uncover 9 Hidden Gems in Pictory vs InVideo Battle

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  • Post last modified:14 December 2023

In the dynamic world of AI video creation, two platforms stand out: Pictory and InVideo. Both cater to a range of video creation needs, but choosing the right one can be a daunting task. This article will compare Pictory vs InVideo, focusing on features, ease of use, templates, AI capabilities, export options, pricing, and customer support. By the end, you’ll have a clearer idea of which platform suits your needs best.

Introduction to Pictory

Pictory is a versatile AI-powered platform transforms long-form content like blog posts and webinars into engaging videos. It’s known for its automatic features like captions, music, voiceovers, and stock footage.

Key Features of Pictory

  • Script to Video: Leverage AI to create videos from scripts using stock footage and voiceovers.
  • Blog to Video: Convert blog posts into videos easily.
  • Text-based Editing: Edit webinars, podcasts, and recordings using text, enhancing them with captions and branding.
  • Video Highlights: Create short, engaging snippets from longer videos.
  • Automatic Captioning and Summarization: Boost accessibility and conciseness.

In-Depth Pictory review

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pictory

Excellent customer supportLimited Asian topic suitability
AI voices and personal voice recordingFewer template options
Extensive royalty-free media
AI-powered, labor-saving
Quick video creation
Feature-rich, cloud-based
Free trial available

Pictory AI Pricing Plans

Pictory Pricing Plans
Pictory Ai

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Introduction to InVideo

InVideo stands out as a versatile tool for creating and editing videos. It offers extensive customizable options, including templates, stock media, and voiceovers.

Key Features of Invideo

  • Extensive Stock Media: Access over 8 million stock videos and images.
  • Customizable Templates: High-quality templates for various uses.
  • Brand Kit: Add logos, fonts, and colors consistently across videos.
  • Text to Speech/Voiceover: Integrate AI-generated or recorded voices.
  • Intelligent Video Assistant: Offers editing suggestions for improved quality.

Advantages and Disadvantages of InVideo

User-friendly with responsive supportSlower media upload
Diverse templates for all sectorsOccasional editing lags
Multilingual video creationLimited free export options
Advanced editing featuresFewer iStock downloads on unlimited plan
Access to extensive stock media
Cloud-based, no downloads needed
Free trial available

Invideo Pricing plans

Invideo Pricing plans

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Comparing Pictory vs InVideo

Let’s compare both platforms based on various criteria.


Pictory excels in converting text to video with features like script to video, while InVideo shines in editing and creation with its extensive tools like trimming and cropping.

Ease of Use

Pictory’s simpler interface is ideal for straightforward video creation from text, whereas InVideo offers more advanced features requiring a bit more learning.

Templates and Customization

InVideo boasts a larger template library and advanced customization features, including brand kits and intelligent assistance. Pictory’s templates, though fewer, are high-quality and user-friendly.

AI Capabilities

Pictory’s AI is effective for text-to-video conversion and creating video highlights. In contrast, InVideo’s AI offers more customization options and an intelligent video assistant.

Export and Sharing

Pictory allows exporting to computers and sharing via Vimeo, while InVideo integrates with social media platforms and Hootsuite for scheduling.

Pricing and Plans

Pictory offers a free trial and three paid plans, focusing on video length and branded templates. InVideo also has a free plan and two pricing tiers, with unlimited video creation and premium stock videos.

Customer Support

Both platforms provide email and phone support, but InVideo also offers live chat and a Facebook community.

Use Cases for Pictory and Invieo

Pictory is ideal for creating branded video snippets and sales videos from scripts. In contrast, InVideo is more suited for video content in marketing, with a vast template library and advanced editing features.

Final Thoughts

Pictory is best for those prioritizing text-to-video conversion and simplicity. In contrast, InVideo is suited for users needing customizable templates and advanced editing tools. Both offer free trials, allowing for hands-on comparison.

With these insights, choosing between Pictory and InVideo for your video creation needs should be easier. Explore their features and decide which platform aligns best with your video marketing objectives.

Exploring Alternatives to More AI Tools

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Q: What is Pictory’s standout feature?
A: Its ability to efficiently convert scripts and blogs into engaging videos.

Q: Can InVideo handle multilingual video creation?
A: Yes, it’s well-equipped for creating videos in various languages.

Q: Are these platforms beginner-friendly?
A: Absolutely! Both Pictory and InVideo are designed with intuitive interfaces, suitable for beginners.

Q: Is there a trial option available?
A: Yes, both offer free trials, letting you test their functionalities.

Q: Are they suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, both have user-friendly interfaces suitable for beginners, with Pictory being simpler.

Q: Can videos from these platforms be shared on social media?
A: Yes, both offer easy sharing options.

Q: How do Pictory and Invideo compare?
A: Pictory is simpler and focused on text-to-video, while Invideo offers more advanced editing features and a larger template library.